Friday, 12 March 2010

Well the camera arrived it is a Philips LCT 600/10.
It is a bit better than the old B/W camera I used
to use on TV about 20 years ago. However it is
not as good as the JVC camcoder camera I have.

Won the auction for the pHEMTS, paid 99p + £1.50
P&P for 5 devices.

Still struggling with MPEG2. I am doing the PMT
(Program Map Table) at the moment. I think I
understand the part of the table with the program
descriptors in but I am not sure about the associated
information tables. I think I can leave those blank.
After all I am just telling the STB which video and
audio elementary streams belong to the program.

I did find a program to analyse MPEG transport
streams it recognises my
PAT program access table but seems blind to the
PMT. The author managed to get a copy of the BBC's
MPEG training course notes to help him with his final
year project.

My first job was in BBC transmitter group so I have
done their 'B' course so I know how good the BBC stuff
can be. If I can find a suitable contact address I might
try and beg a copy of the notes. Anything is better
than the spec itself! I wasted a hour last night trying
to find a copy of the MPEG -5 spec which has the
software reference in, no luck, I found all the other

Looks like I may have re-awakened some interest locally
in ATV. If nothing else I have found someone that is
prepared to monitor my DATV transmissions when I am

Well back to coding PMTs.

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