Monday, 26 April 2010

I am getting there

Today I have a picture of the Tonna 24 cms 23Ele Yagi

that I am going to use for TV transmission. I know some
of you have seen these before but some haven't.

Minor success to report today, I finally managed to get
my code to read Elementary stream packets from the
Hauppauge PVR card, turn them into transport stream
packets, then do all the FEC etc and transmit the result
using the USRP2.

The waveform you can just about see on the Spectrum
analyser under the antenna is the resulting 4 Msps
DVB-S signal. It is a lot more stable than it was before.
The CPU load to do all of this was 50% on one of the
cores. The others are doing virtually nothing.

I still have to fix some problems with the SI packets I am
sending but I am pleased with how things are going.

I am starting to think about a GUI for it :-)

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