Saturday, 1 May 2010

DVB Primitive GUI

Above is the first primitive GUI for the DVB-S transmitter.
The GUI is based on QT4. The visible tab is the one for the
various FEC rates available in DVB-S.

I now have direct control of the Hauppauge PVR500 card using
the v4l2 API. This is necessary as the video bitrate needs changing
when any of the parameters are changed like the FEC code rate.

Originally I wrote the program in standard C but to make it easier
for me to integrate with the GUI I have changed the files to C++.
The whole DVB transmitter can now be developed from within the
QT4 development environment. For someone that is not a Linux natural
(I have used Visual C++ before) being able to use a visual development
environment again is nice. I know I have just upset the Linux hardcore
but that is the way it is.

Before I can proceed much further with the development I need the
new UHD for the WBX board. This will allow me to control the
transmitters frequency from the GUI.

I will probably finish off the 1.3 GHz PA next and will also have a think
about the GUI layout. Eventually I want to add DVB-T and when I have
figured out how best to do it, DVB-S and DVB-T receive.

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