Friday, 7 May 2010

Hauppauge WinTV USB2 PVR and a Laptop

The used USB PVR arrived this morning so I thought I
would try it out with my laptop. The laptop is a dual core
2GHz machine with 2G of memory. After a few teething
problems (I had to reduce the ram usage of my program)
I managed to get it to work transmitting 4Msps video. So it
looks like I now have a way of going mobile. The CPU load
is around 60% on both cores.

Interestingly the port ids on the USB2 PVR and on the
PCI PVR seemed to be swapped. Took me a few minutes
to figure out why I was getting a black screen. I also noticed
that the USB2 PVR seems to work a bit better than the PCI
one does with the software. The PCI unit does not like changing
parameters when streaming video. The USB2 unit does not seem
to care.

This is not what I meant to do today. I had hoped to do a bit
more on the GUI. Yesterday I managed to get the DVB-T code
to compile and run. It is no where near working correctly though.

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