Tuesday, 11 May 2010


After a day spent deep in the entrails of my Linux box
I managed to take the transport stream generated
by the M0DTS DVB-S system and feed it into Xine.
This allows me to display the transport stream as
a picture in a Linux window.

So what you might say.Well, I know about transport
streams, in fact I generate them in my own code.
So when I get around to implementing the receive side
of DVB-S I now know I will be able to display the
audio / video in a Linux window from the demodulated
transport stream.

I had to use a tool called Autoten to get a suitable codec as
Xine kept telling me it didn't have an MPEG 1/2 codec.
I also had to fix the auto update in my Fedora 12 installation
but that is another story.

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