Sunday, 27 June 2010

Comtech BSU479LX1DS Modules

Above is a photo of the inside of one of the Comtech modules I bought.
I plan using this module as a 1.3 GHz down converter so that I can
receive 1.3 GHz DVB-T on a domestic digital TV. Rather than using a PIC
controller to program the synthesiser I am considering using a USB chip
in its parallel port mode. I have a couple of DLP2232M-G development
modules. These can either be programmed as 2 serial ports or as two 8 bit
parallel ports. The spare lines I can use to control RF relays etc. I have used
these devices in the Windows environment but never under Linux.

Talking about DVB-T. I have now managed to get a stable transmission.
To do this I had to increase the size of the Kernel buffers that the UHD module
uses to communicate with the USRP2. I can now send up to 19 Mbits.
The TV reports a BER of zero. You can have too much of a good thing
though, if I increase the kernel buffers too much the whole program locks up
because all the internal queues empty and my program tries to fill them
with NULL transport packets.


  1. Hi, G4GUO!

    I am interested in Your information about the module Comtech BSU479LX1DS. Do You have the datasheet for this module? I have a block and I want to make him into a receiver at 1000MHz. For a long time I am looking for a description and a datasheet on him. But I can not find. Was very happy when I learned that you are using this module in its development. If You want, send me the datasheet for the module BSU479LAIDX. Thank you in advance. My .

    Best regards.

    Sorry for my bad english.

  2. Hello Vitaliy, I am afraid I couldn't find much information on
    it but it is similar to other analogue receiver modules as far as
    pinout etc are concerned. It requires I2C control to set the frequency. It was not really stable enough for what I wanted but
    it is fine for it's intended use.