Wednesday, 23 June 2010


I managed to install the CUDA toolkit on
my Fedora 12 Linux system today. Not
totally successfully though as the release I
had to use was for Fedora 10. I can compile
some of the test applications.

CUDA allows you to use NVIDIA graphics
processors for parallel computing, ideal for
the sort of thing I want to do. Arrays of these
GPUs (Graphics Processor Units) are used in
some supercomputers. The board I have has
20 processing cells and each cell can have
32 threads running on it.

I expect now to have the type of brute force
computing power I need to implement DVB-T2
if I decide to do it. The board can also be used
for spectral analysis, direction finding etc.

The basic DVB-S code I have written does not
need GPU support.

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