Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Further thoughts on HD video

I was reading on the DVB consortium website
that some countries are transmitting HD TV using
DVB-T instead of DVB-T2. As Hauppauge make a
hardware H.264 encoder that is supported by Linux
it might be interesting to try sending HD that way.

Looking on the BBC's R&D site the original HD tests
were done using a modified Humax DVB-S2 receiver
modified to receive DVB-T.

I have been looking further into the wonderful world
of CUDA programming. Trying to sort out my warps and
half warps, memory broadcasts etc.

Also spoke to Sam G4DDK about the best way to power
the LNA he produces up the coax. A 10 turn choke wound
on a 2mm former is what he uses. I will make that happen

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