Friday, 8 October 2010


I have started to look at the DVB-S2 specification again.
After a bit of research, the new error correcting schemes
and format don't look too difficult to do. The draft spec
I have could do with some clarification but I think I have
figured most of it out now.

The main concern I have is that the majority of the receiver
chipsets available seem to have a minimum symbol rate of
10 M Symbols per sec. The only one that seems to be able to
operate at a lower rate is the 6899 set from ST.

10 M Symbols per sec looks like it will heavily load the Linux
box. So I am a bit concerned as to whether it will be possible.
I need to be able to operate at that rate so that I can verify
my implementation is correct using an off the shelf STB.

I understand that the idea is being mooted of transmitting
1 M Symbol per sec DVB-S2 from the ISS. This should not cause
a problem for my Linux / USRP2 system. However at those low
symbol rates it is probable that I will have to implement a
decoder as well. Most of the presentations I have seen on DATV
from the ISS are for DVB-S but I also hear rumours.

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