Saturday, 11 December 2010


I noticed that TI are currently offering to pay the shipping
charges for items from their online shop. So I took the opportunity
to order a 16 bit 200 MSPS ADC card (
ADS5485EVM) and
Altera adapter board from their shop (before UK VAT goes up).
That will be a project for next year.

I finally got the EP2C5 board and JTAG adapter from China it
all appears to work. I wrote a little program to test it out and
that works fine.

Next I have to wire up a board so I can use the Analog Devices video
DAC with it. I decided to use the Vero wiring system, unfortunately
I found my old wire pen but I couldn't find the combs used to hold the
wires in place. Vero only sell them in 100s and I only need about 10.
Consequently the project is on hold while I search every nook and
cranny of the house for the combs. That is always the way here,
finding things takes much longer than doing things!

As you may recall I intend using the EP2C5 board for a test card generator.
I had planned to use an external Xtal to generate the colour burst signal.
I have shelved that idea now and instead I am going to use a low precision
Cordic to generate the I&Q Colour Burst signal. By reducing the resolution of
the Cordic I can reduce the number of LE's required.

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