Friday, 25 February 2011

TechnoTrend S2-3600 DVB-S2 USB receiver

Well one of these arrived in the post this morning.
It is a USB based DVB-S2 receiver that uses the ST
chipset, one of the few chipsets that will decode DVB-S2
down to 2M Symbols/sec. Whether the BDA driver for it
supports that I don't know yet.

I have tried the unit under Windows7 with various DVB
receiving programs and it seems to work with them
However software decoding of MPEG4 leaves a lot to be
desired. Each program seemed to struggle in its own unique way.

I will have a go at running it on my Linux system in a couple of
days. I know that the chipset is supported as a PCI device.

On the transmit side of things I have done some more work on
DVB-S2. So far I have done the BB header encoding, CRC8,
required BCH codes, scrambler and the required
LDPC encoders for the different code rates. What I have still
to do is the modem layer for DVB-S2 and eventually for DVB-T2.
It is being done as a C++ class. I may migrate my DVB-S/T code
to a similar structure when I have the time.

For a test antenna I am going to install an Alford slot on one of the
"masts" at least I will be able to get out a signal while I figure out
how best to install the Yagi antennas. The Alford is coming from
Stuart G6NHG . I looked at making my own but I reckoned I would
end up spending more doing it that way.

Finally I notice that Ettus research are going to release a transceiver
board that will operate from 400 MHz to 4.4 GHz. That will give me access
to a couple more ATV bands. I better start saving!

Thats all for now.

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