Sunday, 3 April 2011

FPGA Testcard prototype

Well here is the prototype test-card generator with the Verowiring added.
So far so good as when the power is applied the Vref output from the chip
is at the right voltage indicating I probably haven't blown the whole thing
up yet. Next I will have to find and drill a suitable box. Next time I will do
a PCB for it. The wiring was tricky, at least there were only 48 to do. My last
attempt at this type of thing was in the 1970s when I Verowired my own
microcomputer! It did work btw.

Now it will just be software! Yippee

Well after a bit of hacking of FPGA code I am pleased to say the board seems
to work. Just a grey scale at the moment and the timing is not quite right but
it is going in the right direction. I only found one short on the board too!
I think it needs to be boxed next before I mess it up!

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