Thursday, 16 June 2011

Planning consent

In my pursuit of transmitting a decent DATV signal I have
decided to apply for planning permission to install a telescopic
mast at the G4GUO QTH. I have paid my £30 for pre-planning
advice and now await to be assigned a case officer. My application
is very modest, low profile mast and some UHF/SHF antennas.
I have done an artist's impression of the antenna and included
that with the other details.

In the past I have not bothered with planning permission and have
not had any complaints from my neighbours but as I am going to have
to spend a fair amount on the 'antenna support structure' (mast)
this time I thought it would be better to go the whole way and do
the job properly.

I used to have a 3 ele HF yagi on a pole attached to the end of the house
but in 1986 the winds blew, the antenna came done and brought with
it part of the wall of the building. Thankfully the insurance paid for the
damage. This time I aim to use a free standing mast!

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