Wednesday, 27 July 2011

3.4 GHz here I come

These are 3.4GHz consumer units which are available on eBay for about £6 each.
They come in a sealed unit and consist of a transceiver board and patch antenna.
Out of the box they receive on around 3.45GHz and transmit on 3.35 Ghz.
The units are full duplex. For Amateur use it will probably be necessary to remove
the input and output diplexers replace the input with a cable for transmit and one
for receive. On the output insert a coax relay. The units are quite broadband
otherwise and should make a quite good transverter for 3.45 Ghz provided you use
an IF of around 900 MHz. The output is about 300 mW and the PA module can
be linearly biased. I am also expecting delivery of an ex-Ionica 15 watt PA.
Initially I will try both of them out on DATV but eventually I may use them on
SSB using the USRP2 SDR as the IF.


  1. Hi charles,
    I have just aquired one of these units
    and wondered if you could tell me what is the supply voltage you are using up the F-socket?
    I thought of just attaching a SAT RECIEVER but didnt want to blow the units up.
    Ive done a search on the internet and not found any technical info on the airspan website.
    So any information you could supply would be greatly appreciated.
    Cheers Mark

  2. Hello Mark,
    I am putting about 12volts up the spout. They have a switch mode PSU inside them and anything between about 8v and 16v seems fine. Rob M0DTS has done more on them than I have (mainly as I have not had the time). He is going to post something on his website soon. On transmit I use about 0dbm at 850 MHz. - Charles