Monday, 4 July 2011

More on my S2-3600 software

I have been adding the ability to parse the transport stream
from the dongle to my code. Once it has found the PAT it
finds the PMT and from that the Video and Audio PIDs.
It requires this information to tell the demux which transport
stream elements it needs to extract.

Currently I am waiting for some SMA and N crimp
connectors from China. Then I will be able to install
proper leads between the various modules rather than
the trees of adapters I am using at the moment.

The Chinese connectors have arrived (very quickly)
Unfortunately with the N connectors the centre pin
is slightly larger than the PTFE hole. With the SMAs the
centre pin hole is smaller than the RG58 cable inner. Both
problems can be fixed but considering I am using MIL-SPEC
RG58U from a proper source and that the connectors were sold
as RG58 cable ones I am a bit disappointed, but hey they were

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