Wednesday, 30 November 2011

GB3VR on Alford slot

Just to give an idea of how strong GB3VR is at this location
I managed to get a P4 picture from the repeater using an Alford
slot antenna at a height of about 10 feet AGL and I am about 17 feet ASL.


  1. Hi Charles, Just come across your Blog following a GoogleAlert on GB3VR ! Glad to see you got permission OK on the mast, have a similar one on the back of mine.

    Geoff G8DHE

  2. Hello Geoff,

    Nice to hear from you after so many years.

    Yes finally after all this time I have a
    proper mast.

    As you have probably read I am now working
    hard to try and get some of the locals on
    DATV. At least I can put out a digital
    signal for people to tune their Freesat
    boxes with.

    - Charles