Saturday, 21 July 2012

DATV Express July update and a new project

Before I give the update I would like to mention that I
have had an unfortunate Amateur Radio related accident
which has slowed things down. I managed to trip over
a coax cable in the dark and in the subsequent tumble
broke the Humerus of my right arm.

Now for the update. The 2nd prototype board is working
however it is showing the same 65kHz sideband noise
problem as the first board. At least the H/W engineer
Art WA8RMC now has something to work on.

I have started to look at a new project. I have
some  ADV7403BSTZ-110 video decoders from
Analog Devices and some ADV7123JSTZ330 video
DACs. I plan using them along with a Terasic Nano
to produce a video mixer / special effects unit. This will
be a major FPGA project and may take some time to
finish as DATV Express development will have to take
precedence. The unit will have 4 video inputs an one
video output. There is enough SDRAM on the board
to act as a frame store, The nano also has multiple ADC
inputs which I will connect to analogue controls such
as sliders.

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