Monday, 8 October 2012

BATC Convention 2012 show now over!

The convention was a great success and I really enjoyed meeting 
people and talking digital TV for an entire weekend. I don't think 
I had a single conversation about analogue TV at all other than 
a non ATVer asking me whether there was any analogue Amateur 
TV left in the UK. 

Above is my table at the convention where I demonstrated 
DATV-Express to the public for the first time. 
At the left is a Linux Laptop running Fedora 14, next to that a 
Satlink WS-6918P which I used to show the received 
DVB-S/S2 pictures and constellation, next to that the DATV-Express 
board in a small box then the HVR-1900 USB MPEG2 compressor 
and on the right an Emprex picture viewer that I used to generate 
video (both still and moving).

Originally I was going to demonstrate DVB-S but in the end all the 
demonstrations ended up being DVB-S2. I showed principally the 
QPSK, 8PSK and 16 APSK modes. Thanks to everyone that stopped
by my table for a chat. A big thanks to Noel G8GTZ for organising

A video of my talk can be found on the BATC streamer to view 

• Click on “Film Archive”
• Select “BATC Convention 2012″ in the Category box and click on Select Category
• Select “DATV Express” in the Stream box and click on Select Stream
• Click the play button in the video player window


  1. Hi Charles Tnx for all your hard work and enjoyed your presentation at the BATC.
    I was unable to attend as I was getting ready to go to Canada for hols but will have something to watch on the Laptop

  2. I am glad you enjoyed it! Next time I do a talk I won't wave my arms about so much (it doesn't come out too well on TV). No one told me I was supposed to stand on the white cross on the floor! I wondered what that was for. Enjoy your trip to Canada.