Wednesday, 22 January 2014

DATV-Express Jan latest

7 MHz DVB-T tx DATV-Express rx RTL Dongle and DVB Dream

Some progress has been made on the DATV-Express software.
The latest build is more stable although some problems with
the PCR still remain.

I have done some testing of the DVB-T software on 6/7/8 MHz
channels and that appears all to be working now. When I moved
from a fixed point iFFT to a floating point iFFT I neglected to
change the pilot tone lookup table from short to float and that
was why it stopped working. Rob M0DTS has also done some
testing and has been able to receive the low powered DVB-T
signal on his domestic TV.

The software also supports 2/3/4 MHz channels. I am hoping to
test that soon as I have just purchased a UT100D demodulator
from the Hides eBay store. As the 2/3/4 modes are simply scaled
down versions of the 6/7/8 channel modes I am expecting it to work.

My preferred solution for receiving DATV on a Windows P.C is
the excellent DVB Dream software, it is not free but has a manual
scan screen that allows you to set the parameters yourself.

The observant of you may have noticed there is a blank space on the
PCB for a Si570 clock generator. I have now added support for that
chip in the main code. The chip is quite expensive and not needed
for DVB-S, it now looks like it is not needed for DVB-T either as the
clock generator in the FPGA seems to do as good a job.

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  1. Hi Charles,

    Instead of DVB Dream you can also try smartDVB (it's free).
    Link: and screens:
    The only problem was with XP, the codec drivers.
    With Windows 7/64 these were much better.

    Best Regards,