Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Boxed and booted

Boxed DATV-Express with tri-band stubby

As you will know by now, DATV-Express boards are on sale to Radio Amateurs.
Our first batch of boards has almost sold out, hopefully the feedback we get from
the first of the few will enable us to improve what we have to offer. 

The next item on the list is a variant of the software that will work with small
embedded systems. To shed some of the CPU load we will be working to move
the DVB-S encoding from the host computer onto the FPGA on the board itself.

This has been a steep learning curve for myself and the others on the team. I am not
sure I would want to do another project like this but if I ever do, what I have learn't
on this project will make the next one much easier.

The software will develop over the next few years so watch this space as they say.


  1. Hi Thanks for all your great work (and the others too) on the project.

    do you know if there are any plans for the BATC (or other UK-based organisation) to stock the boards? Rather not have to go through the unpredictability of customs/vat/delays etc which will significantly increase the cost.

    Best 73 Julie

  2. Hello Julie, we looked at asking the BATC to sell the boards but it didn't work out
    any cheaper than sending them from the U.S. on the initial batch I have been
    sending boards to the EU from the UK but I only have one board left. We plan to
    revisit EU distribution after we have sent out all the first batch.

    - Charles

  3. Many thanks - looking forward to buying my board and getting on datv