Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Gone to the dark side I have

Windows Streaming

Here is a screen shot of a Windows version of express_server. The orange and purple
window is a very basic filter graph taking input from a Logitech C920 web camera and
encoding it in MPEG2, then streaming it via UDP to DATV-Express using my new
Windows server. I am using GraphStudio rather than GraphEdit as the later is not
very stable on my PC. The Satlink receiver at the bottom right shows the received
picture. Most of the CPU load visible in the Windows task manager is down to the
MPEG2 encoding. This is mainly a proof of concept system which I only got working
this afternoon.


  1. Nice one! Is it on github yet?

  2. I have not thought that far ahead Chris.

  3. Thanks for all your hard work Charles. Don't think of it as the dark side but a way of getting more people using DATV express.

  4. Hi Ian, At least it will allow people to use all sorts of exotic capture cards
    and software that are not supported by Linux. The main aim was to allow
    the device to be used on the PC as runs Tutioune for narrowband portable
    (until we can develop a narrowband decoder).

    I am also looking at ways to produce a DirectShow Renderer but DS has been
    deprecated by Microsoft so I am having to hack various SDKs together just to
    get a development environment set up. All the support has gone in the latest