Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Follow up to my previous post

On air tests of NIM software

DATV being streamed to an iPhone 5

This shows the initial results of my tests with the Sharp STB0899 based NIM tuner.
On the transmit side I used a USB webcam who's output was captured using Vmix
this was then exported as a DirectShow source to a graphedit script that converted
it into an MPEG2 encoded transport stream. The transport stream was then sent
across my LAN to a remote Odroid-C which was running Express-server software.
The signal was then translated to RF by a DATV-Express transmitter board and
transmitted on 1249 MHz @ 4MS/s FEC=1/2 DVB-S. The signal was received
using a 5 Euro Sharp Tuner module donated by Rob. The resulting transport stream
was sent to a Linux computer using a cheap Chinese EZ-USB board. Once received
on the Linux machine it was sent to the VLC player using UDP packets via
the loop-back  address for display. You can see the received picture on the left screen.

The code used to control the tuner is far from a state where it could be used in action
but at least it shows things are moving in the right direction and all the components work.
I have to thank both Evariste F5OEO and Rob M0DTS for getting the project to this

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