Thursday, 15 October 2015

DATV-Express Windows Apps

DVB-S Server Application
SSB/FM Transmitter

Hopefully later this week the above two applications will be finally released.
As you can see they are slightly different than before, reflecting comments
from the initial batch of users.

The SSB radio has had the ability to use a mouse wheel and an option to
transmit an unmodulated carrier added. Also I have suppressed the
most significant digits on frequencies below 1 GHz.
I don't really know how far to take this development as it is really just a
bit of fun. Personally I plan to use it as an exciter for my 10 GHz
transverter and maybe to drive a PA on 13 cms for the up and coming
E'hailsat narrowband transponder.

The DVB-S server software has had a long standing issue with the FPGA
code corrected. A later release will also have an extra interpolater added
that improves aliases between 1 MS/s and 2 MS/s.

I am hoping to get back to my work on the Zynq platform now. In preparation
I have been reading Adam Taylor's "The microZed Chronicles - Using the
Zynq 101" on the Xilinx site. I even spent £10 and bought the first year of his
chronicles from Amazon.


  1. Thanks for the tip about "The microZed Chronicles" - looks very useful!

  2. It certainly saves wading through a load of Xilinx documentation just to find how to do something.

  3. Where are the programmes going to be uploaded to pleas?