Monday, 11 January 2016

Initial H.264 and HEVC transmitter testing


A couple of pictures this time. These are the results of both H.264 and HEVC
testing using Express_gui and a DATV-Express board.

The error information shown in the pictures is erroneous as I didn't reset the values
between tests.

The H.264 testing went well, the transmitter continued to operate in HD for over 4 hours.
Eventually the receiver software crashed. The receiver I used was DVB Dream and a
USB DVB-S2 dongle from China. The model allows most current DVB-S2 modes
including 32 APSK.

HEVC testing was not so successful as I have not got the correct settings yet.
The CPU load was 2x that of H.264 and it was too high for me to transmit HD.
HEVC appears to look over many frames when doing its compression which means
there is a significant lag and the picture takes many seconds ~10 before it recovers from
a loss of signal. Both these things may severely limit it's usefulness on Amateur TV.
However it is possible that with better setting these limitations may improve.  


  1. I would appreciate if you could give more details about these USB DVB-S2 dongle from China.

    1. Hi,

      Everything comes from China these days :)
      but what I am using is a S960
      and DVB Dream which is a Windows program

      - Charles