Thursday, 7 September 2017

Pluto SDR

I recently bought a couple of ADALM-PLUTO SDRs from Digikey.
I then modified the DATV-Express to work with them

The video above is a short test session. The  picture was captured by a Logitech
C920 camera, fed into vMix then into DATV-Express it was then transmitted
on 437 MHz using the Pluto-SDR using 64 QAM 2 MHz DVB-T with FEC=7/8.
It was then received using a Hides UT100D and displayed on a PC using their
bundled software.

I will be presenting a 40 min talk on my efforts with the Pluto at the BATC CAT17
convention. The video will be uploaded to the BATC YouTube channel sometime
after the convention which is being held over the weekend of the 9/10 Sept 2017.

QPSK Analysis

 I have also included some shots from the Signal Hound BB60C analyser and Spike
software to give you an idea of what the spectrum looks like.

If you can't wait until CAT17 is uploaded then here is a link to my YouTube Channel


  1. Will you be supporting adalm-pluto for DATV on receive?

    Peter (G4DCP)

  2. I have been told leandvb has been ported to the pluto. I am working on DVB-S2 receive for the Pluto but it is a formidable undertaking as the LDPC decoder is extremely processor intensive and will probably required special hardware (GPU) to work at reasonable symbol rates.

  3. I am trying to use pluto with spike like you are. What drivers are you using for it?


  4. Did to get an answer to this. I dont think he was using spike with the Pluto but Signal Hound BB60C

  5. Yes that is correct I was using a Signal Hound. I did try to answer the original question from a mobile device but it didn't appear (then I forgot about it).