Wednesday, 1 June 2022

Project M17 Digital Radio


I have been playing with  M17 using both my own software and a modified 
TYT MD-UV380 DMR handheld running OpenRTX software. OpenRTX
now supports transmit and receive.
The top video is a quick test over QO-100 using my software for transmit
and SDR++ for receive. The middle is my software receiving M17 from
a handheld. The final is my first tests using a Raspberry PI4 and LimeSDR
running my software.
I have released my implementation of M17 on Github, if anyone wants to
play with it, they will need to go into the Release directory and do a make. 
They will have to already have the development packages for LimeSuite, 
Codec2 and ncurses installed on their machine. 
It runs in a console and typing h will give you the list of commands. 
There is no network support yet, so you won't be able to join 
a reflector. It is just proof of concept. The code is very dirty and could 
do with a good tidy up.

I am now considering what I should do next with the project. I am not a DStar,
DMR or Fusion user, so am totally clueless.
I wanted to run it on a much smaller CPU but due to the chip shortage
getting anything at the moment is problematic.

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