Sunday, 4 July 2010

My July 4th DVB-T2 ramblings

I spent sometime this weekend looking at the DVB-T2
specification. It is a couple of orders of magnitude more
complex than DVB-T. I have not really decided whether it
is worth making an attempt to implement it. It seems
a lot of work for little gain. The specification does include
some narrowband modes which would fit in on 70cms but
the narrow modes are designed for professional use which
means of course you will have to pay professional prices
to obtain any commercial gear to use them. That of course
reduces the number of potential viewers. They have made
an attempt at mitigating PAR problem with OFDM and have
employed more state of the art FEC. They have also reduced
the various overheads in the waveform.

I am always open to collaboration on digital TV projects as
there is no way I can do or know everything.

I also played about a bit with some more Cuda
programming, thinking how to code parallel processors is
certainly different. The biggest problem I can see with Cuda
apart from the different way of thinking about programming is
keeping data transfers across the PCI bus to a minimum. However
I think about the DVB-T2 problem I end up having to move
large amounts of data across the bus which kills performance.

I enjoyed the BGM walkabout video on the BATC streaming site.
I can't wait for the lectures to appear. I thought the 3D TV demo
looked pretty neat. I am also quite impressed that people bother
to take all that heavy gear to demo it, it must be a lot of effort to do.
I take my hat off to them.

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