Monday, 13 February 2012

Crash, Bang!

Oh dear how silly I feel. A few days ago I was lowering
my Tennamast to add an HF dipole to the top and I forgot
to engage the locking bolt. Consequently the Tennamast tilted
over in an uncontrolled manner and completely trashed my
24cms and 70cms ATV antennas. They are just a mangle of
Aluminium now. I won't make that mistake again!

I was planning to replace the 24cms antenna but I am a bit
gutted about the homebrew 70cms antenna because I spent
an awful lot of time making it.

Currently I have a HF Cobwebb antenna up on the mast and
no ATV antennas. I shall return!


  1. Several years ago I had a Western Electronics Ultimast, which is similar to the Tennamast, and that had the same design flaw which meant it came crashing down if you forgot to put the bolt in... I always remembered, but the guy I eventually sold it to bent the upper section by forgetting.

    Are the current Tennamasts just the same as yours? It's a serious safety issue if nothing else.

    Dave, G4AON

  2. Hi Dave,
    Yes they are, they do warn you in the instructions but it had been a while since I lowered it and I forgot. I will be putting up a 6 ele LFA yagi for 4M this weekend. I won't be making that mistake again!

    - Charles

  3. Had a question answered by Tennamast, they can offer a dual winch option on new masts for an extra £50. They did point out that the mast can still slide out with the dual winch arrangement, but I guess that is only when it is lowered beyond horizontal. A simple spring loaded latch would be cheaper and safer, but that is too easy.

    They did point out that users should read the warning in the instructions, clearly they don't understand health and safety!

    Dave, G4AON