Monday, 16 April 2012

Firewire or Firewon't

I am now trying to add Firewire support to the dvbqt program.
My version of Linux has the JuJu stack and the FW device
appears as /dev/fw0 . To access that I need to use libraw1394
unfortunately that appears to just be an interface to the
OHCI Firewire bus controller. So while I can detect I have a
camera connected I am no closer to obtaining an MPEG stream
to process.

I have been playing with Kino and that captures the video
from my Cannon XL1s camera very nicely over FW.
I have emailed the developers of that program to ask
for some suggestions as what I should do next as far as
Firewire support is concerned. Hopefully they will have
the time to respond.

In the meantime I must get back to doing my OU maths
course as I have fallen seriously behind with it because of
the time I have spent recently on dvbqt.

*********Stop press

I now have the Firewire interface working with dvbqt I
found a higher level library that can read DV frames from
the Firewire port then using the DV CODEC in FFMPEG
I was able to decode them into a picture and of course
re-encode them in MPEG2 ready for transmission.

The FFMPEG codec seems to produce a slightly more
blocky output than the PVR150 does (maybe my imagination).

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