Sunday, 13 October 2013

First batch of DATV-Express boards have been fabricated

Here is a rather shaky video of the robot making the first batch of DATV-Express boards.
Thanks Art WA8RMC.

Here is what the board looks like after it has come off the production line and before the
connectors have been added by hand.

We expect to have the boards available for general sale in January, the software is not
quite ready hence the delay. There will be a very limited number of boards available for
people that would like to develop software for it. Unfortunately the support we can provide
is minimal until we have the the initial release of code ready.


  1. Well done to the DATV Express Team

  2. Yes look forward to January as well. Keep up the good work. ps hopefully we will be able to buy the boards from a UK stockist (BATC??) rather than having to go via the states which would no doubt push the price up to a dollar=pound exchange rate

  3. The BATC Have shown interest in stocking the boards. Failing that I will probably be able to supply them.

  4. Brilliant Charles - that is good news.