Monday, 21 April 2014

MK802IV and Picuntu 4.5

Just a quick picture of DATV-Express running on a Rikomagic MK802IV quadcore
ARM device. The picture is of the device running Picuntu 4.5 and sending DVB-S at
12 MSymbols/sec with an FEC of 7/8 (which equates to 16 Mbits/s video).
I left it running for over an hour to check for stability. The DVB-S encoding was
 being done in the FPGA so all the MK802IV was doing was reading the 
program stream from the capture device, generating a valid transport stream and 
sending the stream to the DATV-Express board.


  1. Hi Charles - how close are you to a beta (or alpha) build of this?


  2. Hi Ian, Ken W6HHC is writing an install guide and Art WA8RMC is hoping
    to demo it at the Dayton Hamvention.

    The install process is not totally automatic yet, which is what I am looking at.

    - Charles

  3. Is your 802iv an 8 or 16G version? - many thanks.

  4. Many thanks OM

  5. Interested in an update - I have been very impressed by the Express board performance. Picuntu 4.5 WiFi support isn't quite right yet, it works with my phone hotspot but not my ADSL router, although both are using the same encryption.

    I think there is a new version of Picuntu which might improve this and add support for the hardware video decoding and Bluetooth etc.

    Maplin were selling a very nice wireless mouse mini-keyboard combo last week for £15 which works well with the mk802iv.

    1. Hi Mike,
      I have been working on a bug fix version of the PC version
      which should be released in the next couple of days.
      I will also compile it for ARM this weekend and I will try
      and release that at around the same time.
      There should be a few percent reduction in CPU load
      and the PCR will no longer have to have the same PID
      as the Video (required from some EU and US repeaters).

      I bought something similar (not from Maplin) but I have
      yet to get around to getting to work.

      - Charles

    2. Hi Charles
      Nice work with the mk802iv. It gives a standard Linux environment for DATV Express. I have one in anticipation; impressive enough with what they do with the original Android. A lot of power in a very small box. Looking forward to the first release for DATV Express.

      Regards Drew VK4ZXI

  6. Hello Drew,
    We are in the final stages of releasing a new version of the PC
    version of Express. When I have that out the door I will compile
    it for ARM7 and release the .deb file via the website.

    - Charles