Thursday, 11 February 2016

Express DVB-S Transmitter

A couple of days ago I released a preliminary version of the software on the
BATC Forum. Results so far have been encouraging. A couple of bug fixes
down the road and it seems we have something usable.

Top picture is the control panel of the software itself. The picture below is a
smugshot of me transmitting an MPEG2 SD picture using vMix and vMix
social media. The signal is being received using DVB Dream software.

I would like also to say that the program does not need vMix to work, it
can take video from a range of capture devices including webcams but
the SD version of vMix is free and makes for a very professional looking

It still needs some rough edges sorted out and I still have to make a lot
of fundamental design decisions, like should I add support for the Intel video
compression toolkit which provides hardware acceleration on Haswell
chipsets for the codecs.

For ease of use this will probably become the preferred solution for
my DATV station and I am even thinking of building a bespoke PC
dedicated to it.