Friday, 18 June 2010

DVB-S EPG now working

I am glad to say that the EPG information for DVB-S now works.
DVB-T EPG does not seem to work. Somehow the fix to the power
problem has swapped the I and Q channels. The DVB-S STB can cope
with this but DVB-T cannot. I only discovered the problem when I was
trying to test the EPG for DVB-T.


  1. Hi Charles,

    first of all, congratulations on your DVB-S progress and thanks for keeping us up to date via Twitter and your blog.

    On the subject of MHEG and EPG, have you considered creating a shim, so your DVB-S stack can be used with the open source MPEG2 transport stream data generator, OpenCaster?

    At this QTH there is a DekTec board, which is directly supported by OpenCaster but these are relatively rare items. It would be great to see more accessible (non-commercial) DVB-S subsystem become available.

    Vy 73 de Darren

  2. Hi Darren,

    I am glad you are finding my blog interesting!

    My code is broken up into subsections so it would be easy to extract the transport packets,
    the binary bit stream or the 16 bit I and Q
    samples and sent then to an interface for use by other applications.

    Eventually it would be nice to store the MPEG
    data on the hard drive and be able to 'run VT'
    etc. To do that I will have to rely on 3rd party tools.

    I do intend releasing all my code when it is
    'good enough' not to be an embarrassment to me.

    - Charles

  3. Also I could accept a transport stream form OpenCastor or other application and transmit it quite easily. I will have a look into that.

    - C