Sunday, 25 July 2010

70 cms here we come!

Finally managed to finish off the 70 cms PA unit.
It is giving a reasonably clean 20 watts of 2MS/s
DVB-S. Next I need to sort out an antenna, all I
have at the moment is a 70 cms colinear. I still
need to put a lid on the PA. I think I will try
bending a sheet of aluminium this time.

I had to get a new P.C last week. It has Windows 7
64 bit on it. At the moment I can't get the unsigned
driver for the SAXO FPGA board to work.

I am on the hunt for an inexpensive FPGA board
that I can try porting my DVB-S code onto. Mainly to
learn about Verilog programming and to try and
make an easy (cheaper) way into DATV for others.
I suspect it is going to require some bespoke hardware.

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