Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The curse

The curse of using commercial off the shelf STBs.
This will always mean we are behind the curve.
Take for example DVB-S. The STBs are cheap
but they force us to use a non optimal system.
MPEG2 is inefficient compared to MPEG4.
DVB-S is inefficient compared to DVB-S2.
Unfortunately I have yet to find a DVB-S2 STB
that operates below 10 M/S per sec and if I did
I expect it would be expensive.

Of course with the SDR approach that is not really
a problem but how many people are prepared to spend
the money to buy such an item (not many).

This not only applies to what I am doing but also to the
narrow band DATV modes now coming out of Europe.
I am not complaining but it is simply one of the things
I have to take into account when developing stuff.
It is also the reason I am more interested in tinkering
than actually working people!

It looks like I will be getting the final parts required to
get onto 70 cms 2M DVB-S this week. So car door
openers beware!

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