Friday, 27 August 2010

I am still here!

I have not abandoned the blog. I have just been fiddling
with antennas and playing with FPGAs.

Here is an interesting link that will be worth watching


  1. Hi Charles.
    I've recently made acquisition of an USRP1 board with WBX and LFTX+RX modules. My interest is to make a SDR based IF for microwave transverters.
    I've a question about your dvb implementation.
    Do you plan to release your code in any form ?
    I am mainly a RF guy, and I concentrate myself on embedded linux boards like hawkboard and beagleboard.
    Best 73 de Chris HB9TLN

  2. Hi Chris,

    Yes the code will be released, it is still work in progress though. I have shared it with a couple of people that have asked for it.

    I think the USRP1 is probably a better device for the Amateur experimenter because it is easier to write FPGA code for as the tools are free.

    - Charles