Sunday, 26 June 2011


Well some progress, I have managed to write a simple program
using the DVB API to tune my S2-3600 dongle and to output
TS data (both video and audio) to the DVR device. Then read the
DVR byte stream and output that into a fifo which I can then open
using Xine and Voila I can receive DVB-S. I am certain there is a
better way to do all this.

I also got the Alford slot up on a pole in the backyard and can now
transmit DTV into a proper antenna. This is just a temporary antenna
but should be good enough for me to share pictures with the very locals.

When I have re-arranged all the junk in the 'transmitter hall' I will boost
the power from 0.5W to about 12 W. Well that was my weekend.

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