Saturday, 25 June 2011


I managed to get my QT4 app to open an embedded player window
and then play a movie file from disk. Next I will have to get the app
main window and the video window to appear as one program rather
than two floating windows. Then I will need to add the various buttons
to control the DVB-S/S2 dongle then pipe everything together to display
the received signal.

Of course the version of VLC from Red Hat is not the latest and the VLC
guys have changed the interface spec. Oh how I love Linux. I will just use
the old version of libraries for now.

I managed to get Jean-Pierres Tutioune program to work on the small dual
core Atom P.C that I built last week. With a bit of fiddling it locks onto the DVB
signal but as yet I have not managed to get a picture despite getting a good
lock and not dropping any transport packets. Tutioune seems to have a fixed
sized and my screen is quite small so it does not look very good at the resolution
I am using. I know how difficult it can be to write programs that work properly
on all screen sizes.

I am starting to get a fair amount of interest locally in digital TV so I am going to
have to get the Alford slot I bought up on a temporary mast just to give the locals
a test signal before they all loose their enthusiasm.

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