Monday, 26 December 2011

Further DATVExpress Update

I now have some proper comms between the Linux host
and the PCB. EP1 is being used to download the FPGA
code and then for sending I2C commands to the various
chips on the board.

EP2 is being used in slave asynchronous mode with quad
buffering to communicate between the USB interface and
the FPGA.

I am getting more consistent samples across the USB
interface but am still dropping samples. It seems to have more
to do with the libusb-1.0 library than the FX2 firmware as
the buffer sizes seem to cause a behaviour that I was not expecting.
I think I need to know a bit more of how best to use the USB libraries.


It seems as if the sample dropping issue is being caused by how
my code internally queues it's samples, in other words the problem
can be fixed. Phew!!!

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