Saturday, 14 April 2012


Just a quick update. I now have FFMPEG working inside my
DVB-S application (at least for video anyway). I have yet to add
code to do the audio. The only error I am getting from the decoder
is "too many b frames in sequence". I have told the PVR150 to send
less b frames but it makes no difference.

I noticed the PVR150 sends fixed length 2048 PES packets and because of
that has extra overhead. My transcoder sends much larger PES
packets and therefore I have been able to up the coding rate as there are
fewer overheads.

The CPU load is fairly low despite all the processing. I have tried 15 Mbit/s
in 3.2 Mbits/s out and the picture look good. What I am doing looks like this

MPEG2 stream (15M) -> Decode->Picture->Encode-> MPEG2 stream(3.2M)

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