Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Back to software, I am trying to use FFMPEG to decode/encode MPEG2
inside my DVB TX App. I managed to get it all to link but it is throwing
out error messages when I present it with a program stream.
The documentation on FFMPEG is a bit sparse and most of the help on
the Internet is for using FFMPEG as a standalone application not
embedded as a library in another application. I will get there!

The idea eventually is to allow me to input video using firewire
transcode it down to a data rate suitable for DATV then transmit it.
I will also be able to do loads of special effects on the video like
overlaying or even green screening. I am writing it as a C++ wrapper
around the FFMPEG calls, the Class is called Transcoder and
I will be able to handle multiple video streams provided my
4 core Linux box is fast enough only time will tell.

With my Transcoder class I tell it the required video and
audio bitrates and it takes the input MPEG2 data stream and
transcodes it to down to what I have requested (I hope).

In case you wondered the picture is of the current DATV antennas.

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