Saturday, 9 June 2012

DATV Express again

I am thinking it might be a good idea to change the name
of DATV Express. The reason is that it is more than just
a DATV board it is a Software Defined Transmitter that
operates in the 1.3 GHz band. When people read about it
they might think "Oh that is just Amateur Television" and
turn the page but it is more than just TV.

Enough of my pontifications. This week I managed to get
Windows 7 to talk to the board using the same driver/libraries
that the HPSDR project use. This means that signed drivers
exist which means it can be used on 64 bit Window systems
without turning off the driver signing checking (Ctrl F8) at boot.
That is a relief.

Currently I am doing the DSP code part of the FPGA. I have
decided that I will added I2C code to the FPGA so the FX2 can
control it as an I2C device. This would be used for setting
symbol rates and interpolation factors.

I have also managed to design out one of the chips on the board,
putting its function in the FPGA instead. This is a very
expensive chip in fact it costs more than the FPGA does.

When I get the DSP code working I will post some pictures of the
transmitted spectrum which will be a lot cleaner.

Till then keep Hacking!

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