Tuesday, 16 October 2012

DATV-Express Upgrade?

Currently we are looking at replacing the ADRF6750 chip
on the PCB with an ADRF6755 chip. This is a direct
substitution and will expand the frequency coverage of
the board from 950 - 1575 MHz to 100 - 2400 MHz.
There should be no PCB changes just a chip change.


DATV-Express will now use the ADRF6755 100 MHz -
2.4 GHz IQ modulator / fractional N PLL.


  1. This gets better and better. Ian.

  2. Hello Ian, yes it has made my day. The hardware man Art WA8RMC reckons it will be a direct replacement. The new part dissipates more current and is slightly noisier but it is well within our requirements. I have some samples on order so it looks like it will happen. I can think of lots of applications outside ATV for this (a signal generator for my lab for example). - Charles

    1. Yes and it opens up all sorts of other radio-related projects on 2m 70 23 and 13cm.
      And as you say signal generators and test gear for other bands.
      Hopefully it will inspire others to get working on add-on hardware/software for both ATV and other ham radio modes.
      Really feel this could as significant to the hobby as the Raspberry Pi.