Wednesday, 10 September 2014

DATV-Express team win BATC Grant Dixon Award

I am pleased to announce that the DATV-Express team have won this year's BATC
Grant Dixon, G8CGK (SK) award for technical innovation.

Here are the links to the BATC talk

DATV-Express talk part 1
DATV-Express talk part 2


  1. Well done to Charles and the team and thanks for all the time you've spent on the project.

  2. Congrats! Hey, have you ever thought about re-visiting your digital voice modem? I was thinking that now with codec2 you could add a DBPSK pilot carrier on the left, and then 18 OFDM carriers. I'm thinking 32 bits at 50 baud (even and odd synced to pilot) for a 64 bit vocoder. 1300 mode + 300 bits FEC works at 64 bits. Keep those FPGA's humming !

  3. Hi Steve, I think I will leave the HF stuff to others. There has been some talk recently of using codec2 in conjunction with narrowband digital tv. Thanks, the ward was most unexpected.