Wednesday, 15 July 2009

I have ordered the SMD parts I require to do the
IF board from Digikey in the U.S. Provided I
spend more than £50 the carriage is free.
I just have the VAT to pay on receipt with
no handling charge.

I have delayed submitting the PCB because I found
a clearance problem with the board. I had not left
enough clearance between it and the Saxo FPGA board
that I am using to interface between the P.C and the
ADC chip

I am currently working my way through the maths
associated with CPM using the book
"Digital Phase Modulation" ISBN 0-306-42195-X

The book was bought 2nd hand and appears to have had
two previous owners RACAL-MILGO and later DeVry
University. Judging by the library insert in the book
it has only ever been read by two people.
Considering it is a classic on this type of
modulation that seems weird.

The problem with maths of course is that you just can't
start in the middle of things. All maths depends on
other maths! So I am stretching back to stuff I last did
30 years ago. Learning Calculus the 2nd time round
is not as difficult as it was the first time. I never did any
sampling theory at University so some of this stuff is new.

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