Monday, 13 July 2009

The reason BSON didn't work too well was that
the PLL noise was too great for constellations
beyond 16 points which limited the video to about
1 frame per second. Also the webcam capture
used VFW (video for windows) which puts a heavy
load on the P.C and does not want to work on Vista.

Hopefully using CPM will allow me to increase the
data rate in a 25 KHz channel significantly.

Also I hope to find something better than VFW which
can be used on Linux as well as Windows.

I am also really interested in using QT4 to do the GUI.

I am really an ALGO person rather than a GUI one.
My idea of fashion is beige so my GUIs stink!

I worked on a commercial project a while back and after
the graphics artists waved their wands on the program
it looked oh so much better!!

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