Sunday, 28 March 2010

I decided in the end to build one of
G4DDK's 1.3 GHz LNAs rather than
to use the pHEMTS I bought. To be
honest it would have been more
expensive to order the small quantities
of chip components than to build one of
Sam's kits. Also with Sam's LNA it should be
possible to achieve a NF of about 0.3dB
which is much better than I would have
got with the parts I was using.

I ordered the kit on Friday,
received it on Saturday and built it
Saturday afternoon. Everything biases
up correctly so I expect it to work.
It was a bit of a challenge to build as the
SMT parts were so small.

On Sunday I build a small 144 LED light
for use in the 'studio'. The LED units were
really meant as courtesy light replacements.
But I used 4 to make a small light to go on top
of the camera.

Next I have to sort out some Polyphase filter
banks to efficiently do the required sample
rate conversion for the USRP2.

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