Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Yesterday I etched some small PCBs using
the "Press and Peel" system. Of the 12 boards
I laid down only 6 were viable and that was after
a fair amount of re-work. I tried very hard to
do everything right too. Still practice makes perfect
and I do have 6 viable boards and only 5 devices.

I am using the reference circuit in the data sheet.
I blew up the part of the PDF I needed. Used the
snapshot facility in Adobe to copy it into another
file. Edited that with Microsoft Paint to get rid of
the components. Then I blacked in all the tracks.
Flipped the picture and finally scaled it down to the
correct size and then printed it onto the 'Press and Peel'.
It all took a lot longer than I had hoped!

I did a bit more work on the MPEG SDT tables at bedtime.
At the moment all the values are hard coded but
I am going to add support for a configuration file.
At least that means other people will be able to use
the software when it gets finished.

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