Monday, 12 July 2010

when is HDMI not HDMI?

Well the reconditioned Humax FOX-HD T2 arrived today.
It seems that my HD ready TV and new STB don't like talking
to one another using HDMI. I get the boot screen O.K but then it
says un-supported format. I suspect it might be because my TV
does not seem to support HDCP (content management).

Anyway The Humax can decode the H.264 DVB-T signal.
The Samsung HD TV can decode the H.264 DVB-T signal too,
despite what I said in a previous post. I had made a slight
mistake in the code that modifies the transport headers.

Until I get the correct lead for my used JVC HD camera I
won't be able to test the 1080i mode. I have been doing
my tests using SD.

I was a bit thrown today because when I switched on the system
I could not get a tx signal out of it. It turns out Linux had decided
to re-arrange the mapping of the /dev/videoN ports while I slept.

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