Friday, 1 March 2013

The boards have landed

I didn't get an exclusive this time but here is a partially completed DATV-Express Rev2 PCB. I am looking forward to getting the first completed unit to test software on. Exciting times!


  1. Nice! Hand placing fine pitch SMT is always a fun challenge.

    Mike - KM7MH

  2. Art has the FPGA to do next. The trickiest part is the PLL/IQ modulator chip right side. It has to be soldered on the underside as well.

  3. Fortunately a relatively low parts count board. A testament to the power of software.

    I used to hand solder and use a heat gun for reflow on the central paddles. Switched to single board stencil, solder pasting and using one of these:

  4. I thought of buying one of those as they look pretty good value for money. Trouble is I don't make that many boards. However my experience with DATV-Express has given me more enthusiasm to try a complex board myself.